Alternative Asset Placement Agent

JMG is an alternative asset placement agent whose mission is to represent the most intelligent fund managers who stick to the highest standards of governance and ethical integrity. JMG pursues those managers whose interests are squarely aligned with those of their limited partners and are committed to delivering to them the best risk-adjusted returns.


JMG engages in relationships with fund managers beginning with a thorough understanding of a management team, strategies, decision making process and track record, followed by an extensive due diligence based on qualitative and quantitative principles.

We represent a limited number of differentiated mandates at any given time and seek out the most appropriate investor base for each manager with an emphasis on mutual, long-term suitability. JMG markets across all hedge fund strategies, long only strategies, fund of funds, infrastructure, real estate & private equity fund.

JMG’s relationships consist of leading institutional investors, including public & private pension fund, insurance companies, fund of funds, sovereign wealth fund, endowments & foundations, family offices, consultants, investment managers in the U.S., Asia, Middle East and Europe.

We believe that raising capital is far more than a one-time event. Rather we believe it is like lifetime walking with clients, assisting clients to prosper. Investors expect consistent attention and timely information flow from fund managers. However, for fund managers with a primary focus on managing portfolio companies, too much frequent dialogue with investors can divert vital resources. JMG will be a liaison between investors and fund management teams by communicating on a regular basis and delivering timely, accurate information to develop lasting relationships for both investors and fund managers.